Unlocking the Caucasus Region!

06. 05. 2023

At Delamode Estonia we are consistently expanding our transportation network. This time our sights are set on the vibrant Caucasus region. We are thrilled to announce that we are launching our newest service, which opens up boundless opportunities for our valued customers. The countries around the Caspian Sea are experiencing rapid development, offering an array of enticing business prospects. We firmly believe that our services will play a key role in helping Estonian and other Baltic State companies tap into these slightly exotic yet promising markets.


Delamode Estonia establishes new routes to Caucasus and Turkey
Delamode Estonia establishes new routes to the Caucasus and Turkey

Strengthening Our Offer to Turkey: The Gateway to Success!

For over a decade, our company has been a trusted provider of reliable long-term transportation services between Turkey and Estonia. Our commitment to this route has fueled its continuous growth. Furthermore, we can offer customers effortless and cost-effective access to the land of the High Porte.

In addition to our existing services for groupage, LTL, and FTL, we are excited to introduce refrigerated and specialized transport options, including oversized cargo. Additionally, we are doubling our focus on exports to Turkey and enhancing our rates. Consequently, we are confident that our unrivaled offering will deliver exceptional value in the market.

New Horizons Unveiled: Explore the Caucasus and Beyond!

Building upon our vast expertise and success, we are excited to introduce our latest expansion, which opens up new possibilities and destinations for our esteemed customers. Moreover, through strategic partnerships, we have significantly broadened our geographical reach to include Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, and CIS countries.

These emerging markets hold huge potential and offer remarkable business opportunities. Furthermore, our goal is to assist our customers and help them achieve their success. To reach this goal, we provide regular and non-standard transportation services throughout the region, catering to shipments of all sizes. Additionally, we offer a wide range of customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Contact us at [email protected] with your Import and Export requests from Turkey and other captivating Caucasian destinations.

We will offer you highly competitive rates and swift transit times! Unlock the Caucasus Region with Delamode Estonia!

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